I adore this short and sweet little book by Kent Haruf.I have never read any of his previous works (even though Benediction is an Indigo Spotlight) so this was a great introduction.

SynopsisOur Souls at Night is a simple story of two older adults looking to each other for comfort and companionship after their spouses have passed away. Addie visits Louise one afternoon to propose an arrangement. She asks that he come to her house each night to sleep next to her, keeping her company when she feels the most alone. Things become a bit more complicated when Addie’s 6 year-old grandson is left with her, making them wonder if their new-found friendship is in danger of being derailed.

Haruf’s writing style is dialogue-heavy, and he doesn’t use quotation marks, but once you get used to switching back and forth between characters it’s fairly easy to read. The writing is simple and beautiful, with the entirety of it being told in less than 200 pages. I look forward to reading his previous work and am saddened that he will never know how much people have enjoyed his final work.

Final rating: four-stars (great book)