IMG_2293Unlike many of my fellow booksellers, I have no problem with e-books. People assume that I will get offended if they say they bought an e-book, often cringing in shame before admitting it. As someone who cares more about if you can read than how you do it, I am happy to inform people that I have owned an e-reader for over 4 years and read most of my books that way.

I have limited space for books at home, and having an e-reader has seriously assisted in keeping my physical book collection to a reasonable level. My rule is that if I really and truly love the book after reading it then I will add a physical copy to my library. The only time I break this rule is for used books or things that I can’t find any other way.

Today I’m reading Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve on my Kobo. Do you use an e-reader? What e-book are you reading today?