Elyse and I are co-hosting this new link-up, so I hope you will join us in sharing your favourite restaurants from your home town!

I’m a huge fan of food. Going out with friends to a good restaurant, having a few drinks, and eating some amazing food is one of my favourite things to do. Since Elyse is covering her favourite restaurant in Toronto, I’m going to write about where I live… Oakville!

My favourite restaurant here is called The Olive Press. I’ve actually only been to the actual restaurant once, but my husband and I get take-out from there whenever we have a special occasion. Both of us are introverts, so we aren’t much for going out, but the food is so darned good that we try to save it for the big moments, like birthdays and anniversaries.

pastafrittiOur favourite dishes there are the Chicken Chop Salad and the Pasta Fritti, which is basically nachos but made with deep fried pasta instead of corn chips and Alfredo sauce instead of salsa. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s one of those dishes that I never get tired of because who doesn’t like nachos and things that are deep fried?!?!

So where’s your favourite hometown restaurant? Link up your post so we can check them all out! Some day we might even make it to your town to visit your favourite place!