January Wrap-up

January is always a great time to launch new projects, or restart old projects. I've been ignoring my blog for quite some time because I just wasn't in the right mindspace to write, but I'm back and feeling good now. Here's what happened.... What I Read The Hammett Hex (Book Collector Mystery #5) by Victoria Abbott -... Continue Reading →

2016 Reading Wrap-up

My final tally was 135 books, although only 101 were novels. I decided not to count graphic novels and picture books on Goodreads this year. Maybe next year I will... although I'll have to plan for that when I set my challenge. You can see an interactive version of this infograph if you click on the... Continue Reading →

September Reading Wrap-up

I read using a number of different styles this month, which made for a pretty crazy amount of literary consumption. I started a bunch of other books as well but haven't finished them yet so we shall see if any of them actually get read. Trade: 7 books Audio: 3 books Graphic novels: 5 books Total... Continue Reading →

July Reading Wrap-up

I have been a very bad blogger throughout July. I don't know if it's because the weather is making me lazy, or if it's my crazy life schedule, but I couldn't seem to sit down for very long without finding something else to do instead. I did manage to celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary with... Continue Reading →

June Reading Wrap-up

June was a big reading month for me. I decided to check out a few of the really popular series in YA, used Scribd a bit more so that I'm actually getting my money's worth out of it, and found some new favourites. |  Finished: 15   |   Unfinished: 3 | Read: A Court of... Continue Reading →

May Reading Wrap-up

In hopes of ever conquering TBR mountain (but still feeding my need to try out many different books) I have started downloading previews on my Kobo before I actually buy something. This has done very little to stop me from adding new titles to my list though, because ALL of the books I read in May were also either purchased or borrowed this year. I have a problem.

April Reading Wrap-Up

I haven't done a wrap-up post in a while, mainly because I haven't been reading a whole lot these days. Finally in April I seem to have broken out of my reading slump and managed to power through 12 novels and 1 graphic novel! Read: The Memoirs of Lady Trent: The Tropic of Serpents The... Continue Reading →

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